Amruta is a Product Manager (former User Experience Designer) interested in crafting effective solutions to create meaningful user experiences.

Most recently, I worked as a User Experience Designer (and unofficially as a Product Manager) at Google. I led a small team to launch Google's first–ever physical retail store and launched numerous 3D and AR experiences for Google Search (Tokyo Olympics, Dinosaurs, Education, and more).

Prior to joining Google in 2017, I worked as a Product Design Intern on the Creator team at Spotify, which builds tools and products to empower artists. We worked in fast-paced collaborative sprints where I contributed to the relaunch of the Spotify for Artists platform site and blog, led early research and designed an MVP around Tour Planning. Before that, I was a Product Design Intern on the Platform Team at Squarespace.


Google Store

Google's first physical retail store
in Chelsea, New York

Google Search

3D & AR Olympics, Dinosaurs,
Education, and more


Tour Planning MVP
Case Study

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists
New homepage and blog


Product Design
Platform Team

Other Work

Physical Computing, Print,
Video, Websites, Installations

I was born in India and emigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. I graduated from an art school with a BFA in Media Arts and Graphic Design. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, photography, meeting new people, and slurping on yummy ramen

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