3D and AR Search

Over 2020, I worked on the Smartphone AR team and contributed to numerous 3D and augmented reality (AR) launches on Google Search.

Role and responsibilities

Day to day, I worked as an Interaction Designer and unofficially as a Product Manager — driving a lot of work from concept to launch.

AR Athletes

I joined the Augmented Reality team in Feb 2020 and secured approval for a launch critical cross-PA (product area) Search project within less than a month. Helped inform early product strategy, content strategy, and approved new patterns from leadership featuring 10 Olympic athletes across OSRPs (organized search results page).

Entry points

The entry points for 3D/AR Athletes appear on athlete queries (previously included "olympics"). For example, searching for athlete Simone Biles features a carousel to see Biles perform her best moves visually up close in your space. The placement for this is in Search's knowledge panel — we decided upon this placement because it sits naturally alongside her info from the KG (images, wiki–bio, stats, etc).

For the "olympics" query we featured a carousel of the 9 participating athletes (Steph Curry was left out because he did not participate in the event). As a future vision, for sport queries (i.e., Basketball) we discussed presenting a carousel of entry points in the sport KG to learn directly from world-class athletes in your own space. See Steph's 3-pointer shot, Watch Steph Curry's layup, Checkout Steph Curry dribbling.

AR Athletes debuted at Google I/O in 2021

Easter Bunny

We launched a 3D & AR Easter Bunny entry point in the Easter Bunny OSRP (organized search results page) partnering cross–PA with the Delight Search team to help bring joy and Easter cheer to people unable to leave their homes due to COVID–19.

The quick turnaround for this launch required significant cross-team and cross-PA coordination and collaboration (product, eng, content, marketing, UX, immersive arts, Daydream and Search leadership, etc). For example, constructing the right headline with UXW lead and exploring multiple options enabled us to quickly translate and get launch ready in 14+ languages in less than 2 days.


The Covid-19 pandemic pushed students to learn remotely and halted their access to classroom tools. We think 3D and AR objects can be powerful learning tools. For example, while studying from home, a student reading about the skeletal system can view a life-sized human model up close with just a search on their phone.

At times seeing is understanding so it can be more powerful to see the inner workings of a plant cell than to read about it. — Watch Aparna Chennapragada, Former Google VP share about AR Learning here.


With the Covid-19 pandemic, Dinosaurs and Educational AR concepts were critical to improving learning outside classroom, and helping users find joy during quarantine with prehistoric dinosaurs. We partnered with Universal Studios (Jurassic World) to launch 10 dinosaurs.

Last year, when many of us first started sheltering in place, families around the world found joy in AR...people interacted with this feature more than 200 million times. — Google I/O 2021.


After numerous back-to-back launches, put together a framework to scale the delivery of future content releases and reduce production level involvement of the UX team. The framework presents best practices for integrating 3D and AR entry points on Google Search and helps stakeholders—internal and external understand our end-to-end process.

In addition to these launches, I pitched and contributed to product definitions of "Assetless AR" and 3D/AR experiences on Google Shopping Search and Property. Assetless AR helps consumers visually understand the fit of various home goods (i.e. TVs, rugs, chairs, etc) in their own space before purchase, and also helps merchants without access to 3D assets reach more buyers.

Reach out to learn more about my experience! Visit this link to see a list of all 3D and AR objects on Search today.