Current Projects

Client: Two–Brown Girls
UI/UX, Front End Development, Identity
Client: Kaya Soaps
Identity, Social Media Marketing

Recent Work


Application strategy based on the Kanban methodology to visualize workflow, adapt, and improve tasks for the users.


Explored the concept of recursion in programming through a minimal visual sketch in Processing.

Futura Typographic Mark-Making

Explores the font family Futura in text message abbr. by their placement, spacing, alignment and scale. Manipulation is achieved by repetition, omission, slicing, orientation, blocking, and overlapping of letters.

Dirty Sans

A typeface developed by rigorous process of re-skinning the font-family TW Cen MT in Adobe Illustrator. Typographic manipulation is achieved using an existing font and altering its edges, surface, texture, tone, etc.

Strawberry Champagne Gelato

What goes into a batch of the famous Strawberry Champagne Gelato? This — and a lot of love.

Client: Geno's Gelato

Metro Identity

Sustainable Transit for a Sustainable Minneapolis

A solution to re-brand the Metro that is: sustainable, progressive, and modern. The concept was to develop an identity system that is modern yet iconic.

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