Spotify, Product Design Intern
June 2016 – Present
I'm currently designing and building tools for artists on the Creator team at Spotify. My projects are pre-launch. Contact me for more info.

Spotify for Artists Platform: Website and Blog - launched!
Tour Planning (MVP)

Recent Work


I concepted and designed templates, conducted research, presented web marketing strategies, assisted in art directing product shots and prototyped animations in code.


Application strategy based on the Kanban methodology to visualize workflow, adapt, and improve tasks for the users.


Explored the concept of recursion in programming through a minimal visual sketch in Processing.

Kaya Soaps

Kaya Soaps is a young beauty brand focused on preserving traditional methods of making skincare products.


Breath is a collaborative physical computing project exploring the presence of the viewer. In its passive state, Breath is a dark, empty room. Only when a participant enters, is the space transformed.

Dirty Sans

A typeface developed by rigorous process of re-skinning the font-family TW Cen MT in Adobe Illustrator. Typographic manipulation is achieved using an existing font and altering its edges, surface, texture, tone, etc.

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