App Concept, 2013


The Taskit app is based on the Kanban Board methodology used in lean software development and marketing teams.

The ideation started with a dicussion with my parents and their collegues who mentioned the use of this methodology at their workplaces. I explored this concept in relation to the task managing apps I've used: Wunderlist and Clear.

The goal of the application is to visualize workflow, adapt, and improve tasks for the users. The audience for this application isn’t just working professionals, but everyday people who need a simple alternative to manage tasks visually.


The grid based application is minimal in design and color. Users will be able to control the content with simple gestures and edit/add to the columns. There will also be an options to create more boards, i.e. work, home, projects, as well as connect more users to the board to collaboratively add content.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to work together on developing Taskit! Thank you.