Spotify Fan Insights (SFI)
Data Visualization on Mobile

I worked on the Creator Tribe at Spotify that focused on building tools and products to empower Artists on Spotify. Creator is structured around artists' core needs: Grow, Engage, Earn, and Understand.

Hack Project

Spotify Fan Insights (SFI) is a dashboard that helps artists better understand their Spotify listeners to more effectively grow and engage their fan base.


To visualize SFI data for a mobile context, thereby making it easier and more useful for artists and managers to understand their Spotify data on the go.


Artists and managers are constantly traveling, whether for tours, promotional gigs or collaborating with others in the industry. We need to optimize our products for the best possible mobile experience to fully support their life on the road. We will explore the benefits of adding data visualizations to some of the key modules in SFI making them more interactive, delightful and useful.


Adding compelling data visualizations to the SFI mobile website will increase artist's engagement with the product, thus driving a key creator metric - MAA.




The current SFI mobile view is uninformative, static, and boring. Our UX mobile design aims to make the key insights more interactive, delightful and useful—that would increase artist engagement with the product and be of use for artists and managers to understand their Spotify data on the go.

You are presented with a single, bold, immersive view of your live listeners counts. The number of live listerners and the line graph update in real-time! Users can swipe through the Key Metrics such as the Live Listeners, Monthly Listeners, Daily Listeners and Fans and see the numbers at a glance. To activate a data point such a the data on a key metric, users can easily scrub back and forth by a single-touch press movement across the line graph. Finally, the landscape view users can place two fingers on the line-graph and see the difference in data points between a certain time interval. We hope users appreciate that format and the flexibility these interactions allow.

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