Geno's Gelato

Storytelling, Video Commercial

Geno's Gelato

Geno's Gelato serve fine Italian desserts on the streets of the Twin Cities in the summer. Isaac Ruder and I were approached to craft a short commercial featuring their famous Strawberry Champagne Gelato.

Ideation and Process

Topics that were at forefront of our minds: Italian heritage, biking,, summer and gelato!

We are huge fans of Tastemade’s "Thirsty For…” videos and thought it would be great to work with natural ingredients. We got in touch with Geno's Gelato chef Bethany and started brainstorming.

Isaac and I enjoy working with bold, dynamic colors and since the video adverstisment required to be ten seconds long we realized that implementing strong visuals would be the way to go. Hence, we developed a simple concept of isolating ingredients of gelato by throwing them individually in front of a solid color background, then panning down to a cup of gelato. With goofiness in its bluntness and quickness, we concluded with pan shot of the dessert sitting on a feild the grass and music to match the visual rhythm.

Client: Geno's Gelato
Team: Isaac Ruder and Amruta Buge
Motion Graphic by Jessica LaMotte
Music by Jingle Punks